• BYOB AFTER 4 PM for adults 21 and over 
  • Mandatory fee of $10 will be applied to check out for each painter. This will cover , materials, firing, glazing, and paint.
  • if you didnt get to finish your piece on your first visit? don't worry you can take your piece home - come back and finish and pay the $10 studio fee again or ask a employee about a take home kit for a additional price.
  • If you accidentally break something you do have to purchase it and paint it 
  • Please come pick up your items after we've contacted you by calling the phone number you provided on the paper slip, **You will have two weeks to pick up from the phone call we give you & A final email will be sent giving you an estimate final time we will hold your piece. After the date, ALL unclaimed pieces will be donated and no refund will be processed. **
  •   Anything damaged outside of our possession is outside of our control and will not be refunded.
  •  Parties more than 6 have a mandatory 18% gratuity applied at check out
  •  When booking a party please book the total number of people (seats) in your group. Otherwise, additional seating is not guaranteed.
  • No reservations needed for walk-ins!
  • Anything already glazed, fired, and taken home can not be taken back to the studio for a refiring and glaze and or refund 
  • Each painter that walks in to paint at the studio has to purchase a bisque and a $10 studio fee is added on top of the total amount
  • Once you have decided to paint a piece and paint is applied to the bisques, if you do not end up liking it we can not accept it back and the item must be purchased